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‘E-way Bill Ready’

EasyWayBill, an application that lets transporters easily manage their activities related to E-way bills from the comfort of mobile.

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Update E-way bills easily

Single Login-Multiple GSTIN
Action on e-way bills for multiple GSTINs, through single login
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Get E-way bill expiry alerts

Alerts on time and distance
Get daily alerts for e-way bills expiring for the day & those below 200 kms
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Bulk update E-way bills

Take bulk actions in a few clicks
Update Transporter ID or extend validity of e-way bills in bulk action using the app


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    One Transporter / Multiple Companies
    Add single Transporter ID/GSTIN or multiple. Take actions on all through one sign-in that too without any CAPTCHA
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    Customise Watchlist:
    Customise your watchlist to monitor vehicle breakdown, accident cases, transshipment material etc
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    Create Unlimited Users & Control their access
    Create unlimited users as per your business requirement. Also you can customize the data each user sees or actions they can take. Thereby safeguarding your business secrecy.
User friendly E way Bill Interface

What customers look for in transporters ?

Businesses across the country are looking at vendor consolidation to work with IT-enabled and ‘e-way bill ready’ transporters. For any mistake on E-way bill front, it may draw penalties that customers may have to face. In such scenarios, they would prefer technology driven companies.

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Futuristic and intelligent solution
An app that prepares you for the future of logistics and transport industry in line with the complexities of e-way bill compliance
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Role-based access
Define role-based permissions for users to either add businesses or generate EWB as per your company hierarchy
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Auto –archive delivered EWBs
The app automatically moves the e-way bills to archive after 3 days from the valid up-to date, showing only what needs your attention. Likewise user can manually archive delivered consignments to avoid unnecessary monitoring of delivered shipments
Eway-Bill-Ready transport
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Auto-update of E-way bills
App refreshes list of e-way bills generated by/assigned to transporter at defined intervals during the day
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Totally Responsive
Works well on all devices
Access the app from the comfort of your mobile, or from office desktop, the experience remains the same – simple & easy
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User- friendly
Made for people – not robots
The simple and progressive UI replicates the actual flow of e-way bill movement in your organization, keeping it simple for users to work

About Us

IRIS Logix Solutions Private Limited is a subsidiary of IRIS Business Services Limited. We aim to leverage technology and strength of IRIS’ domain experience of working with GSTN and NIC to provide a simple, easy and scalable platform for transport operators to manage the entire life cycle of e-way bill operations.

IRIS Business Services Limited is a software products firm in the area of compliance, data and analytics with offerings across the information supply chain and across data reporting standards such as XBRL, JSON and so on.The Company is headquartered in Mumbai, India with international offices in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

We are one of the earliest GSPs appointed by GSTN. Our clients include Enterprises, large and small; Business Registries, Central Banks, Stock Exchanges, and the Government. The company’s products are available in some 30+ countries across 5 continents.

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