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About Us

IRIS Logix Solutions Private Limited is a subsidiary of IRIS Business Services Limited.

We aim to leverage technology and strength of IRIS’ domain experience of working with GSTN and NIC to provide a simple, easy and scalable platform for transport operators to manage the entire life cycle of e-way bill operations.

IRIS Business Services Limited is a software products firm in the area of compliance, data and analytics with offerings across the information supply chain and across data reporting standards such as XBRL, JSON and so On.The Company headquartered in Mumbai, India with international offices in United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the UAE.

We are one of the earliest GSPs appointed by GSTN. Our clients include Enterprises, large and small Business registries, Central Banks, Stock Exchanges, and the government. The company’s products are available in some 20 countries across 5 continents.

IRIS Logix is Growing, and we cannot be happier

Our community is thriving! Our success story is driven by satisfied customers and users of Logilocker and EasyWayBill Applications. Checkout our latest metrics here:

Transporters Attached
1500 Users
380 Cr. EWBs Generated

About EasyWayBill

EasyWayBill, developed by IRIS Logix Solutions Pvt. Ltd, is an application that lets transporters easily manage their activities related to E-way bills from the comfort of mobile.

The EasyWayBill App addresses the pain points of the transporters by making the e-waybill operations easy, simple and handy. Presently most transporters use the NIC portal which has its own set of challenges. Using this mobile app, a transporter can perform E-way Bill operations using a basic smartphone without even going to the NIC portal. By making the E-way Bill operations possible with a single tap on mobile, the app would save a lot of time for the transporters.

On top of this basic offering, the app constantly monitors the user account (GSTIN/Transporter ID) and keeps the user informed about the e-waybills that need users’ attention and as well, prompts the user to take the required actions, thereby potentially saving the transporters from a hefty penalty.

Small transporters who don’t have advanced software can benefit from the above features at their fingertips and large transporters use these features through their ERPs via API access.

About LogiLocker

Logilocker is an innovative mobile app developed by IRIS Logix Solutions Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with AITWA (All India Transporters Welfare Association), catering specifically to consignors and consignees. The app serves as a shield against fraudulent activities that could disrupt the seamless transportation of goods, including issues like wrongful ownership, invalid RCs, and expired insurance documents.

Moreover, Logilocker proves to be a valuable asset for transporters, enabling them to effortlessly store crucial information like DL and RC details of vehicle owners and driver’s license details. By doing so, it streamlines the documentation and verification process, sparing them from repetitive hassles.

Gone are the days of struggling to find vehicle owner or driver details from RC or DL numbers. With its user-friendly interface and a range of practical features, Logilocker simplifies document verification, making it a breeze for all users.