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Secure Your Transport Documents with a Personal Digital Locker

Track vehicle movements worry-free by storing owner’s RC, DL details
and driver’s DL details. No more invalid RCs or expired insurance hassles!

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Unlock Seamless Transport: Logilocker is the Ultimate App Tailored for Transporters and Consigners!

You get to verify

RC Validation

DL Validation​

E-challan Verification​

PAN/ Bank Verification​

Self/ Vehicle owners

About LogiLocker

Logilocker is an innovative mobile app developed by IRIS Logix Solutions Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with AITWA (All India Transporters Welfare Association), catering specifically to consignors and consignees. The app serves as a shield against fraudulent activities that could disrupt the seamless transportation of goods, including issues like wrongful ownership, invalid RCs, and expired insurance documents.

Moreover, Logilocker proves to be a valuable asset for transporters, enabling them to effortlessly store crucial information like DL and RC details of vehicle owners and driver’s license details. By doing so, it streamlines the documentation and verification process, sparing them from repetitive hassles.

Gone are the days of struggling to find vehicle owner or driver details from RC or DL numbers. With its user-friendly interface and a range of practical features, Logilocker simplifies document verification, making it a breeze for all users.

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