Eway Bill Forms

Srno Name of the Forms                                                                                 Description Download
1 Form GST EWB 01 Generation of Eway bill for movement of goods where the value of consignment exceeds Rs. 50,000 whether or not a Supply. pdf_icon
2 Form GST EWB 02 Consolidated e-Way Bill is a single e-Way Bill document that contains details of all the e-Way Bills of the consignments carried on one conveyance/vehicle. pdf_icon
3 Form GST EWB 03 A summary report of every inspection of goods in transit shall be recorded online by the proper officer in Part A of FORM GST EWB 03 within twenty four hours of inspection and the final report in Part B of FORM GST EWB 03 shall be recorded within three days of such inspection. pdf_icon
4 Form GST EWB 04 Report of Detention pdf_icon
5 Form GST EWB 05 Application for unblocking of facility for generation of Eway bill pdf_icon
6 Form GST EWB 06

Order for permitting / rejecting application for unblocking of the facility for generation of E-Way Bill

7 Form GST ENR 01

 Application for Enrolment u/s 35 (2) – GST – ACCOUNTS AND RECORDS

8 Form GST INV 01 Must be uploaded into the portal for generation of Invoice Reference Number pdf_icon