Frequently Asked Question

About LogiLocker:

What is LogiLocker?

LogiLocker derived by Logi which means Logistics and Locker which means a place to store the searched details.

So this is an app where one can search the two most important documents (RC and DL) required by the Logistics industry and store them for future use.

What are the main benefits of LogiLocker?

  1. Can search RC and DL on real time
  2. Get trusted data as we are directly integrated with Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP)

What are the main features of LogiLocker?

  1. Search Vehicle details by entering RC
  2. Search driver’s details by entering DL and Date of birth of driver
  3. The documents that are searched gets stored in the users login

Can a common man use LogiLocker?

Yes. LogiLocker can be used in below cases:

  1. If a person want to rent a vehicle to a driver, he can check the details of the driver and accordingly rent a vehicle to him
  2. If a person wants to hire a vehicle/driver on rent for a trip, he can search the details of vehicle and driver and accordingly hire the vehicle on rent
  3. If a person wants to hire a driver for full time or part time job, he can search the details of driver and hire him.
  4. If parents want to store the documents of school van, then can search the vehicle and driver details and get is stored in the app

How is LogiLocker different from other apps that provide RC and DL search?

  1. LogiLocker is an app designed by IRIS Logix Solutions Pvt Ltd in association with AITWA (All India Transporter’s Welfare Association). IRIS is an expert when it comes to technology and AITWA has been recognized as one of the foremost apex body of India’s Road Transport Sector by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).
  2. Get trusted data as we are directly integrated with Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP)
  3. In our upcoming versions users will be able to blacklist the vehicles and drivers which will be further verified by AITWA
  4. In our upcoming versions users will get the financial status of the vehicle, an option to invite other users, an option to get the TDS declaration from Vehicle owner and an option to store the copy of RC/DL by sharing link with vehicle owners/drivers

Onboarding on LogiLocker:

How can I sign up on LogiLocker?

Below is the sign up process:

  1. You need to enter your Email ID or Mobile Number
  2. You will get an OTP, enter the OTP
  3. You will get a page where you can enter your password
  4. Enter the password and sign up is successful

What is the password policy?

  1. When you sign up you need to enter password which contains at least one capital letter, one small letter, one special character and one number. It must contain at least 8 characters.
  2. The password entered is valid for 60 days

Is plan selection mandatory?

If you want to enjoy all features then it is mandatory to select the plan.

For the early users we have a new launch offer where users can search upto 250 documents for free.

Is GSTIN verification mandatory?

If you want to enjoy all features then it is mandatory to verify your GSTIN.

Why is it necessary to verify GSTIN?

As per the ULIP guidelines we can provide all details only to verified transporters.

What are the different types of users allowed in LogiLocker?

  1. Transporter
  2. Consignor
  3. Agents
  4. Vehicle Owner
  5. Driver
  6. ERP user

Search documents in LogiLocker:

What documents can I search and store?

User can search:

Details of vehicle by providing Vehicle number

Details of driving license by providing Driving license number and Date of Birth of driver

How to search documents?

You can type or scan the document and get the details in seconds

What is the authenticity of the data?

LogiLocker is using the SARATHI and VAHAN APIs released by ULIP.

How to store documents?

Once you search any DL/RC, it is stored in your search history.

How to share documents?

There is a button in detailed view using which you can share the document with anyone.

Can I download the document?

Yes, there is a button in detailed view using which you can download the document.

What all details can be downloaded/shared?

All details that are available in the detailed view page can be downloaded/shared.

Profile Page:

How to log out?

Go to Settings, there is an option to logout.

How to delete my account?

Go to Settings, there is an option to delete account.

What happens if I delete my account?

  1. The account gets deleted permanently.
  2. All search details gets deleted
  3. The GSTIN that is verified will also be deleted.
  4. The login credentials get deleted.

Can I sign up again after deleting my account?

  1. Yes, you can again sign up with the same Email ID/Mobile No and start searching details.
  2. You can also verify the GSTIN once again.

Do LogiLocker store NIC credentials?

No, NIC credentials are not saved in LogiLocker. It is only to verify that all features are used by verified transporters.

Is this app free?

Yes. The basic features of app can be availed for free. However to get all premium info and features, you need to subscribe.

What are the various plans?

LogiLocker is launched with a special plan. Full features can be accessed for free under the New Launch Offer, but for a limited period. For more details about the plan click here.

Invite User

How many types of users can be invited?

You can invite user as a Subuser.

What are the access right of Admin user?

Admin user has whole access right as he/she can add GSTIN/ transporter ID, invite the subuser or remove the user and have history of RC/ DL searches made by the subuser.

What is the need to create subuser?

Doing any activity with a single login may be challenges. To overcome this challenge can create multiple sub-users.

Can subuser get invited by more than one Admin user?

No, sub user can be invited only by one Admin user.

Can subuser invite any user?

No, subuser cannot invite any user.

If subuser make any searches will it be deducted from Admin’s balance who invited the subuser?

Yes, any searches made by the Sub User will it be deducted from Admin’s balance who invited the sub-user.

Will subuser get unmasked information?

Yes, the searches made by subuser will have the unmasked information.

If Admin invite a new user as a Transporter what is the access right of old Admin user?

If Admin invite a new user as a Transporter then the rights of old Admin user will be revoked and the access will be passed on to the new Admin.