Easy Way Bill

 Easy Way Bill, a mobile application offered by IRIS Logix Solutions, aims to address the pain points of the transporters by making the e-waybill operations easy, simple and handy. Using this mobile app, a transporter can perform e-waybill operations using a basic version of smartphone without even going to NIC portal. By making the e-waybill operations possible with a single tap on mobile, the app would certainly save a lot of time for the transporters. On top of this basic offering, the app constantly monitors the user account (GSTIN/Transporter ID) and keeps the user informed about the e-waybills that need users’ attention and as well, prompt the user to take the required actions, thereby potentially saving the transporters from a hefty penalty. For Example, if an e-waybill is getting expired, a push notification will be sent to the user prompting the user to extend its validity. Over these enhanced offerings, the app enables the transporters’ comply with the e-waybill regulations through its value added features that empower the user to create a watch-list of e-waybills, auto-extension of e-waybills, search utilities to assess counter parties and many more such features. On top of all these, the app is user-friendly and gives the best user experience making the entire e-waybill handling process easy, simple and handy.

Benefits to the Transporters:

  • Real time Visibility: Get a single view of active eway bills managed by the Transporter
  • Reduced Risks: Lower risk of non-compliance through automated extensions and alerts
  • Lower Costs: Efficient usage of man power and reduce errors

Key Features:

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Single View Dashboards
  • Automatic Extensions